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Date Night Ideas

Alyssa RoloffComment

Whether you just started dating, are engaged, or married, every couple could use some date night ideas! I do love getting ready, putting on a fancy(ish) outfit and going out to a nice dinner with my husband, but the 4 date night ideas below are some of my absolute favorites. It's important to never stop dating. My husband is so good at knowing this, telling me this, and putting it into practice! Dates don't have to be fancy and expensive. Below are 4 date night (or day) ideas that we love. 

Try New Coffee Shops

My husband and I absolutely LOVE trying new coffee shops. Sure, we stick to our favorites and probably frequent Starbucks a little too often, but trying new places is always fun. Even living in Nashville for a year and a half I didn't make it to all the coffee shops there are in that city because there are so many! Now living in Arizona, we have tried quite a few. Our favorites are The Coffee Shop and Provision Coffee. A new coffee shop just opened up by our house, and you better believe we woke up at 4:00am to be one of their first customers so we could get free coffee! To switch things up, sometimes we try new drinks, sit outside if the weather is nice, and last week we even walked to the Starbucks by our house! It's an inexpensive, but fun date, and the conversation is always nice. 

Have a Night In

Some of the best date nights we have are when we cook a frozen pizza, blow up our air mattress, pop in a good movie, and have a campout in our living room. Even in our tiny apartment, it's a way to make an otherwise "normal" night feel special. If we're feeling extra sweet, we either go get Bahama Bucks shave ice for dessert, or pop some popcorn using our popcorn maker! Cozy date nights like these are definitely high on my list!

Volunteer or Work Together

My husband and I are creative people. We both have a million ideas running through our minds. Our most recent venture is a shop called Pinewood Craftings where we design & redesign custom furniture, and make wood signs (he builds, I do the calligraphy!) We have a blast working and creating together. If you're not so great with making things, put your talents to work volunteering for a cause! Last week we signed up to work the check-in table for a concert in Scottsdale. It was a random Thursday night, but we had fun working together and helping out. 

Take a Trip

Getting outside of your routine life of work is good for the soul. Make a point to plan some time away with your significant other. And guess what - It doesn't have to break the bank! A few months ago my husband and I were both off work for the same two days in a row (which NEVER happens!) so we decided to take a staycation. We drove a little bit outside of town and reserved a hotel for the weekend, explored a new area, and relaxed by the pool! We used Hotwire.com to choose a hotel in our price point, and ended up loving it! It was a refreshing break from our daily schedules. We also took a more extensive trip to Texas not too long ago, where we went to a football game, hung out in Austin, saw some friends, and ate AMAZING tex-mex that I had missing oh so much! To cut costs, we stayed with family and friends, had a loving friend who let us carpool, and paid for our airline tickets using some points! Next idea on the list: a road trip from Arizona to California!

I hope these gave you some new ideas to keep things fresh! Never stop dating your significant other even when you're married! I'd love to hear your favorite date night ideas in the comments below!