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Feature Friday - Amelia's Flower Truck

Alyssa RoloffComment

Today's Feature Friday is Mattie from Amelia's Flower Truck in Nashville, Tennessee. Amelia's Flower Truck is an adorable, vintage mobile truck that sells gorgeous flowers and bouquets at various locations around Nashville.  

I've asked Mattie some questions (below) about her flower truck, how she got started, and advice for fellow creatives. 

 Photo by  Leslee Mitchell

Photo by Leslee Mitchell

1. How did you get started with Amelia's Flower Truck?
I knew I always wanted to own my own business and to have it be something that reflected my love for traveling. The idea developed from my love of big cities and the accessibility they have to flowers. I always envied that it was as easy as walking home from work to pick up flowers in cities like New York, Paris, London and Amsterdam and from that Amelia's Flower Truck was born.

2. How long have you been running the truck? 
I opened the truck in March, so i'm going on 5 months of being open now. 

3. Did you have to work any other jobs to have a steady income before or while launching your company? Do you still?
Before starting Amelia's I was managing a food truck seasonally and in between that and the flower truck, I was working at a cafe to float my living expenses. Thankfully, I am now able to focus 100% on Amelia's as my full time job. 

4. What risks, if any, were involved in pursuing your dreams? 
There are a lot of risks in pursuing your dreams. The unknown of how people would receive Amelia was the most nerve-racking for me and of course it's a huge risk financially as well. I don't think you can ever be fully prepared for how much it takes to start a business but all you can do is hope and pray that it's all worth it, which in my case it definitely was. 

5. What is your best advice to people starting out in a creative field or wanting to start their own company? 
Just do it. There are too many people with good and creative ideas that don't pursue them because they are crippled by fear of failing.

I think we can learn a lot from Mattie & her cute flower truck! Follow your dreams without fear, don't care what other people think, and don't wait until you think you're ready to start. 

 Photo by  Leslee Mitchell

Photo by Leslee Mitchell

Thanks Mattie for being this week's Feature Friday! If you would like a chance to be featured please send an email to tennletters@gmail.com.