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Feature Friday - Daily Shea Leigh

Alyssa Roloff2 Comments

Happy Friday, friends! Today I'm excited to introduce to you a friend of mine, Shea Leigh Mills! I met Shea back in 2015 when we were extras on the TV show "Nashville" and we spent the day filming together! (You can see us on Season 4, Episode 6 during the concert scene with Will Lexington) Shea started her blog, Daily Shea Leigh in 2016.

I have asked Shea some questions (below) about her, the blog, and advice for fellow creatives! Enjoy! 


1. How did you get started with Daily Shea Leigh?

I was always being asked where certain outfits of mine were being bought and different things about Nashville, so I decided to write it all in one place! I loved talking about fashion, beauty, and the lifestyle of Nashville, so it become a good place to share all of it for anybody to read!

2. How long have you been blogging? 

I launched the blog on June 17th, 2016! I am so pleased with the response that I have received from it already! I can’t wait for many more years!!


3. Did you have to work any other jobs to have a steady income before or while launching your company? Do you still?

I had four jobs and went to school full time before starting the blog. I am now done with school and model for Pink Lily & have my blog full time! I love the balance of both so much!!

4. What risks, if any, were involved in pursuing your dreams? 

Just as anybody would be when starting a website, the pressures of what friends and family would say. I was very nervous to fully put myself out there, answering questions, posting photos of myself, and making a page that seemed fully dedicated to me, even though it is to show off different brands and opportunities that are out there. I still get nervous when I step outside my comfort zone to post new things. But it always ends up working out and I’m very thankful that everyone of my life is very supportive of me and the website!!


5. What is the hardest part of being a fashion blogger people might not know?

It is a full time job! It is a lot of hard work and dedication to create your website and keep up with it for your followers. I’m constantly either styling for shoot, writing about a shoot, or prepare my website to share about something. It isn’t rare to stay up until three in the morning trying to get things lined up for the next days post. But I love it, it calms me & relieves any stress from the day!!

6. What is your best advice to people starting out in a creative field or wanting to start their own company? 

GO FOR IT! Work hard, stay focused, and don’t get discouraged. If you feel led to start something, reach for it & go until you grab it! You will be SO happy that you did! And give thanks to God when you fail and succeed. The failure is a part of it & I am beyond thankful for learning from every mistake!


You can follow Shea on Instagram at @shealeighmills and be sure to check out her blog at dailyshealeigh.com

 Here's a bonus picture of us on the TV show "Nashville" Season 4 Episode 6 in the fall of 2015!

Here's a bonus picture of us on the TV show "Nashville" Season 4 Episode 6 in the fall of 2015!