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Feature Friday - Shop Deeply

Alyssa RoloffComment

Happy Friday, friends! Today I'm excited to introduce to you a friend and fellow creative, Raegan, with Shop Deeply! Shop Deeply is the newly launched retail branch of The Deeply Co. 

I have asked Raegan some questions (below) about her, the business, and advice for fellow creatives! Grab your favorite holiday drink and get ready to be inspired! You're not going to want to miss this one! 

Describe/provide an overview of The Deeply Co and your role. 

Raegan: I am the co-owner of Shop Deeply, the newly-launched retail branch of The Deeply Co! Along with Jillian Edwards, I hand-pick items from incredible designers and makers to curate the selection you see there! The Deeply Co is an entity that exists to celebrate beauty. Through our intimate gatherings of music + art, online retail space, and blog - the heart of Deeply quickens at every opportunity to revel in loveliness. You can find us on the road partnering with creatives of all kinds, hosting one of a kind evenings to celebrate one of a kind people. Our shop collection is an extension of our mission - encapsulated in effortless, simple, chic pieces designed by brands we are proud to stand alongside. We value the art of a beautiful life and celebrate creativity in a way that brings about flourishing. 

How did you get involved in The Deeply Co? 

Shop Deeply is such a dream come true and an answered prayer! I've wanted to start my own store for years now, but could never quite put my finger on what I wanted that to look like or who I wanted to work with. I knew Jillian through mutual friends and have been following her music career for a while now, and once I heard about and saw all that she was doing with The Deeply Co, especially The Deeply Market last fall, I felt my heart stir with ideas. I contacted Jillian and asked her if she might be interested in creating a store together for The Deeply Co that would showcase makers, designers, and artists of all kinds. We met in Nashville last November to dream and scheme, and the rest is history! 

What risks, if any, were involved in pursuing your dreams? 

Quite a few, but the Lord has been gracious to provide safety nets along the way! First of all, I loved my job as an assistant buyer at Neiman Marcus and worked there for 3 years before taking a step out in faith to pursue Shop Deeply. Thankfully, I also now work full time for my mother in law as her assistant in her accounting practice, and she is so gracious to allow me to spend time during my day to work on Deeply. Second, I feel like this is the most vulnerable thing I've ever done - writing for our blog on what our "closet mission" is and why we believe in slow fashion and ethical sourcing, being into products we believe in and praying our audience relates  and wants to purchase...there's a lot of guessing in that, but mostly, a lot of faith in what we feel called to do. It can be nerve-racking feeling like the weight of its success or failure falls on our shoulders, but I've been reminded again and again that neither are in my control. I am just here to steward and take care of this store that is our baby. 

What brings you the most inspiration? 

I am really in love with interior design and love finding the similarities in my home and my closet. I also love the nature of the way we shop for our homes - we invest in good purchases because we don't feel the need to turn them over all the time. Our closets should be the same way. I am loving seeing how my personal style shines through in the new home my husband and I bought earlier this year and are flipping. It's my other "baby" at the moment. My current sartorial inspirations are Lauren Scruggs of Lolo Mag and Krystal Bick of This Time Tomorrow as well. 

How many jobs/other careers have you explored before landing upon this one? What were some of them? 

I had a LOT of jobs before and during college, and I'm thankful for each one because they instilled in me a work ethic and drive to be self-sufficient and disciplined. My first job outside of college was as a sales representative for a custom apparel business in College Station, Texas. During this time, I started to fall in love with fashion blogs (I was just 21 and needed all the help I could get for dressing professionally on a budget!) and I really started to dream about what I wanted to do with my future. I loved "running my own business" as a sales associate, but I wanted to gain a better understanding of the fashion industry and what being a buyer and merchandiser entailed. I started working for Neiman Marcus in 2013 in the gifts and home buying division and it was the perfect fit! It really confirmed for me that I wanted to stay in this industry, and I grew so much in my understanding of how to run a business and merchandise a store. Once Jillian and I met about The Deeply Co and we started getting Shop Deeply off the ground, I quit my job at NM, and here we are today! 

What is your best advice for people starting out in a creative field or wanting to start their own company? 

Considering I am still the one gleaning all the advice I can, the best piece of advice I can give is to never stop being a student of what you love. One of my favorite quotes of all time is from Julia Childs - "Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it." You won't ever be successful if you aren't absolutely obsessed with what you do, and even if your first venture isn't a "success" by the world's standards, you'll never regret trying and learning and growing in your craft. You never know what that knowledge and experience will mean for you in the future! 

For more info on Shop Deeply and to see some beautiful clothing and accessories, click here! (Spoiler alert: Their sweaters are ADORABLE!) Be sure to follow The Deeply Co on Instagram! Trust me, it's the perfect addition to your newsfeed.