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Tips for a Stress Free Engagement

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Stressed, Blessed, and Coffee Obsessed

The love of your life just proposed, and YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED! You've got the bling, you can hear the wedding bells ring, and you're feeling all the feels. Every engagement process is different, but more often than not, engagement can also be a STRESSful time. If you are recently engaged, these 5 tips can help keep you from going (completely) insane. 

Eye on the prize

Yes, there is a lot of planning to do, but keep in mind WHY you are doing all this - because you are in love and you are about to spend your entire life with your person! Don't let wedding decisions get in the way of your relationship. Trust me, you might fight with your soon to be hubby about what venue to choose, a date that works for both of your families, or even what flavor cake to get! But don't let all the little decisions overwhelm you. Stay focused and keep your eye on the prize - your future husband! 

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Take time to yourself

There's SO much to think about when planning a wedding. It's overwhelming! You need to find a dress, venue, a date, florist, wedding planner, table decorations, table linens, choose bridesmaid gifts, invitation design, invitation list, groom's suit color, do we invite so-and-so, and the list goes on and on! Make sure to make time for yourself. Do something that has nothing to do with wedding planning at all. Grab a cup of coffee, go on a walk, read a book, listen to fun music, go to happy hour with your girlfriends, or just walk around the mall! Making time for these moments will reenergize and help you not get so overwhelmed by the process. 


Go on dates

Believe it or not, your groom might be even more overwhelmed than you are! Even though you're likely doing most of the planning, all of this is foreign to him. And although he loves you dearly, he might honestly not care about what shade of pink the linens are. He just wants YOU. Make a point to go on dates at least once a week where you don't talk about anything related to the wedding. Grab a cup of coffee and continue to get to know and enjoy each other! That's what love is all about. Your man will appreciate it!

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Ask for help

You can't plan an entire wedding by yourself! Don't be afraid to ask for help and delegate things that need to get done. I would highly suggest hiring a wedding planner, or at least a day-of coordinator. This will take so much stress off of you knowing that everything is under control. Peace of mind is priceless! And people, especially your friends and family, love helping and being a part of your big day. It makes them feel special and included!


Have fun

Wedding planning is supposed to be fun, but the thousands of decisions you have to make can easily cause stress to overwhelm you and the fun to be sucked away. Try to make the most of everything and enjoy the process. This is your big day! I personally hate making decisions. I'm really bad at it - like I can't even decide what I want for dinner most nights - and I was totally overwhelmed by everything that had to get done. There are so many things to do I had never thought of! Although it was a stressful time, I was filled with pure joy on our wedding day. Keep the big picture in mind, and don't forget why you're addressing those 150 envelopes and re-arranging your seating chart for the hundredth time. When you're working a full time job and every spare moment is filled with questions and vendor meetings, remember that YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED to the love of your life! You've found the one your soul loves. Have fun with it and enjoy the process!

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